Monday, January 10, 2011

Writing Challenge

My friend Vonda Skelton, author of the Bitsy mystery series, has put a writing challenge on her blog to meet a goal of 7000 words a month for the year. I left a comment to sign up for the challenge. The thought behind that is that maybe in a year or six months, I will actually be ahead on my stories. So my goal is to finish #6 and #7 this month. I started back on State of Nature this morning since work is low until later today and wrote for about an hour and already accomplished 1100 plus words. 7000 words here I come - lol. I will keep you all posted here how far I make it each month, perhaps on a weekly basis. Stay tuned to see what I accomplish by the end of the week - Mrs. E :)


Tara McClendon said...

That sounds like a reasonable challenge. Good luck with your writing goals.

elysabeth said...

Thanks, Tara. I have a feeling this mini challenge is just what I need. Of course, once work picks up again, I may be saying the opposite - lol. Really I do need to get back on track with my stories as I haven't written anything on state #6 in a couple of months at least. I think I wrote about 1200 words on some other things in November but not on #6. If I'm going to stay on track getting five books published a year, #6 should have already been completed as well as edited. My goal is to finish it within the next day or so and then get it to my editor friend and move on to State of Acceleration, #7, which is started (clues are all in place) but needs the "story" part added in. If I can complete the next five books in the first six months of this year, then I should be back on schedule for my illustrator to do her thing. I hope the sales start picking up so that the books are starting to show some promise of a profit, and that I can start traveling to the different states in the next couple of years. I'll keep everyone posted - E :)

Diplo_Daddy said...

Good luck with your 7000 words per month project!

elysabeth said...

Thanks. I did a good bit yesterday - over 1500 words; so I'm really more than 1/7th of the way there for the month and the month is only 11 days old. The challenge came out on the 4th so all in all, I am on track. My goal is to get through state #6 (State of Nature) and #7 (State of Acceleration) this month and start in on #8 (State of Imagination) next month so I am ahead of the game a bit. Struggling to come up with a title for #9 so I can have a cover before #8 is written. I'll post a weekly word count for each month so I everyone can see where I am. I think this challenge is perfect for me, because even if I don't write every day, I will be able to meet the 7000 words a month. My stories on average are about 16,000 words or less, so I should be able to crank out at least one story every month or more, sticking to it. I can't wait to see what all my illustrator has in store for me with book #6 - lol. See you all in the postings - E :)

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