Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Edible Train of Clues anyone?

So Heather was messing around making some cookies today and apparently she's been thinking of my covers because she came up with this: . Doesn't it just look delicious? All that's missing is the magnifying glasses and question marks and there we have an edible cover - lol.

She took this with her cell phone and posted on her facebook page. I got tagged and have been chatting with her about it. I can do wrapped train cookies at a book signing - That would be fun. Anyway - enjoy - Yum, Yum. - Mrs. E :)


Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick said...

Cookies and a book? How much closer to Heaven could THAT be?
Heather is a doll.

elysabeth said...

I'm finding that out - the more I work with her on my series. She did the cover for Train of Clues, which can be found on my website - http://jgdsseries.weebly.com and I'm sure on a good many blog postings. It's one of my favorite covers so far, not to say that the others aren't great - just that one is so much fun. I'm enjoying getting to know her more and more. One of these days, we may actually get to meet in person - lol.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Joel.

KittyNadem said...

I just want you guys to know... that cookie WAS very good. Now it is history.

elysabeth said...

As it should have been - but you know you've given me an idea now - so I'm going to do something fun with Train of Clues and cookies - lol - Mrs. E :)

Carol Baldwin said...

cookies as a giveaway? Sounds like a yummy idea to me!

elysabeth said...

And that yummy idea has turned into something else - still simmering on the back burner though - lol - I'll let you all know what I come up with for the "train" idea or maybe it will turn into a USA idea - like I said simmering - E :)

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