Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two noteworthy mentions

Yesterday, and yes I totally forgot, Joy Delgado posted a quick review of State of Quarries and the teacher's guide to go with it. You can read her write up here.

Since she mentioned the teacher's guide, and after reading through my emails this morning, I found that my article on creating the teacher's guides for the series (Writing Across the Curriculum, creating teacher's guides ... (subtitled by Yvonne - to Turn a One-subject-related Book into a Multi-curricula Teaching Aid for Supplementing All Subjects) is in the Writer's in the Sky newsletter this month. For the complete article, you may check it out here.

My friend, Batya, whom I idolize as a writer because she can write just about anything, also has a feature in the column. So check it out and get some great tips on being a writer, writing for schools and other things writing related.

see you in the postings - E :) (and the JGDS)

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