Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Newsletters- do you read them?

I posted my monthly JGDS newsletter in my yahoo "newsletter" forum, which is all I can afford right now. I've been using the same look for a year now. I was wondering if you, my readers who have signed up to the forum to receive the newsletters, are reading them or not. Do you like the look? Do you tell your friends? Do you share the newsletters with others? Do you have suggestions to get more readers interested in the series? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Come on folks, hit me with everything you've got. Voice your opinions here in the comment section. All suggestions will be considered. I really need you teachers to get the word out there. These books are perfect for supplementing a US History curriculum and with the teacher's guide, supplementing several other courses too. They are quick reads and can be done in a reading circle or small group (bring out the competitiveness in your students by having them write their guess of the state along with my characters; challenge them; the winner gets a prize and the non-winners get something for participating in the discussion - be creative when using them in the classroom). I know I haven't even reached the tip of anything yet and my goal is to make sure that the books really make their way into schools in order to be something different to help kids learn about the United States in a fun way.

So come on voice your opinion and if you aren't signed up for the newsletter, how come? I need some suggestions to get more "attention" from teachers and schools especially but from the general public as well.

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