Thursday, April 16, 2009

State of Quarries published

As of late last night, Ms. Vivian checked the status of State of Quarries and found that it should arrive in Oklahoma by tomorrow and then she will be shipping me an order as soon as she can (Saturday or Monday) and I should have copies in my hands by the middle of next week, and hopefully no later than Friday. I can't wait to see it.

I don't know if anyone has checked out the back cover of State of Wilderness but I encourage you to do so and see if you can find which clue is depicted there. Email ( me with your answer and your mailing addy and I'll send you a surprise. When State of Quarries is available to you, I encourage you all to do the same thing. I'll have some surprises for anyone who emails me the answer to both books. So come on - check out the covers of both State of Wilderness and State of Quarries. Have fun - Mrs. E :)


Rena said...

Cool! I bet you'll be happy when you see the second one in print. I'll have to check the back of mine. It's either downstairs in the classroom or Nicole has it in her room.

WillowRaven said...

I am excited about seeing book two as well.

I still find it surreal that my drawings are book worthy.

Just imagine, only 48 more to go ... lol.

elysabeth said...

Rena, you will be doing the same thing when Dilly and Lemur Troops come out too. It just makes one feel like an author when more than one book is out. I guess accomplished is the word.

Aidana, you know your drawings are book worthy - you wouldn't be doing them if they weren't.

I'm looking forward to the second book and more to come - see you in the postings - E :)

eva said...


would you be willing to follow my blog...the one I write with my dad? (going green by accident)

Good luck with the next books!

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