Thursday, April 16, 2009

First school visit!

I had a blast doing my first school visit with the Honea Path Elementary School after school program. I was prepared for about 70 kids but only had about 50 total between the two groups. I think the kids were receptive for the most part but it is hard to tell when there is so much going on already. I plan on posting pictures soon (need to get them from Ms. Fallaw and off Hailie's phone). I'm working on making sure my activities are geared for younger kids as well as the older ones, since this visit had me with 1st through 4th graders and it was difficult to get the older kids to really want to participate with the younger ones in their groups. I'll get it right and before you know it, the school visits will go very smoothly and all will be excited to participate. Pictures to come soon - E :)

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