Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ms. Lea's at it again - lol!!

Ms. Lea has been kind enough to compile almost all the posting from the Children's blog fest she hosted last week and offer to anyone who wants to read the postings with the comments for free. She has sent each of the contributors a copy and they can offere on their blogs or websites to anyone who is interested in checking out what the contributors had to say during the week. She has it fixed up so that everything one author posted is together with the comments and feedback (is a bit easier to search by one particular author than trying to scroll through a bunch of postings to get to where you want to be). Ms. Elysabeth is offering the ebook as well. She will try to put on the sidebar for your pleasure. If it doesn't show up, please email Ms. Elysabeth and she will send you a copy via email. Thanks - enjoy - the JGDS

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