Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jolene Ariette here

Finally. You see, I've been very busy with my dancing and all I haven't had a chance to come tell you about me.

I'm Matt and Guy's best friend and I know they both like me. I've known for a long time. They are always trying to get close to me. Must be the dancer's body they like. Or maybe it is my long sandy blonde hair they like. Maybe it is the way my saphhire eyes twinkle all the time. Maybe it's my perfect smile. Or maybe it is the way I move so gracefully that I could make either of them look like clowns. Who knows what the reason is behind for them both liking me.

I think the other girls in our class are jealous of me because I'm beautiful or maybe it's because I'm very tall and very skinny. I've been described as a bean pole, even been compared to "Twiggy", whoever that is. Dancers need to have graceful lines, and if being thin means I am more graceful, then so be it.

I hope to attend a dance school or maybe even Juliard. I would like to be in a professional dance troupe when I get older. I can't imagine doing anything else. Of course if that doesn't work out, I always have my intelligence to carry me through. I've bested both Guy and Matt on standardized tests and I score pretty much in the top of the class on regular tests and all. Perhaps Matt and Guy are jealous of me too. I hope not, because then I'd have no one, except Mary Beth, who idolizes me and she's still maturing. So basically I would have no one. Oh well. So goes life. -Jolene A.


Rain-drop said...

Jolene, you are quite the character. :D I really like how strong your voice is. I really feel like this is Jolene, and not Elysabeth at all (Elysabeth? Who? Where? I mean you, Jolene. I'm talking about you).

Good luck with those dance dreams, Jolene. I hope you make it big!

elysabeth said...

Thank you. Ms. Elysabeth said we could tell about ourselves and that's what we did. Thanks for the good wishes. I am a dancer. I will be a famous dancer. I am a dancer. HAHAHA - well, it is getting late and I must get to bed. Night Ms. Rain-Drop - Jolene

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