Sunday, April 6, 2008

Children's blog fest is over but not forgotten

Ms. Lea's blog fest is over but we think Ms. Elysabeth gained a lot about things she had been thinking about anyway. She knew the best way to get us out and about was to market to schools. Her agent suggested trying to get her on the AR list but that wasn't what Ms. Elysabeth really saw when she created us. We think Ms. Carol's postings about creating a teacher's guide and Ms. Kim's posting about her marketing plan will keep Ms. Elysabeth busy for a while.

We hope you all remember to sign up for the monthly newsletter that Ms. Elysabeth has and get more state stuff there. See sign up on the right column under the "about me" section. Ms. Elysabeth should be doing a mini contest soon so be on the look out - The JGDS kids

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