Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Since we are about learning about the states in the United States, we thought we would post something interesting about Earth Day. What are some practices going on around the United States on this day to celebrate the earth?

Charlotte, NC is having some booths and fun activities with sustainable initiatives that will raise awareness of how to save the earth. This is going on until 2 p.m.

The Peace of Wild Things (April 22, 8pm - Christ and St. Stephens Church 129 W. 69th St) A celebration of the farmer/poet Wendell Berry. Berry lives, writes and farms in north Kentucky. His poetry contains poignant and timely themes of nature and the self, faith, war, politics and memory. This concert highlights composers who have been inspired by Berry's words adding passion and beauty to his elegant statements. The performers are Emily Albrink, soprano; Steven Ebel, tenor; Wilson Southerland, piano; with violinist Mitchell Johnson and cellist Malina Rauschenfels. Featured composers are Ben Yarmolinsky, Forrest Pierce and Scott Gendel with world premieres by Steven Ebel, William George and Larry Nickel. ($20) This is in New York.

Most celebrations happened this past weekend but what are you doing to save the earth? Are you conserving fuel by carpooling? Turning off lights that are not needed? Picking up trash and disposing of things properly? Recycling?

Send us your comments on some of the ways you help save the earth and some celebrations you participate in to rejoice in the earth. - The JGDS team


Rain-drop said...

I recycle, and I attend Earth Day fairs which help to educate me about how I can help the earth out.

Also, Earth Day fairs are really fun to volunteer in! I recommend attending and volunteering one to everyone out there.


elysabeth said...

Oh volunteering at anything can be fun and think of what all kind of places you can volunteer at - lol. We aren't old enough to volunteer yet but one of these days we will.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting us - see ya around - the JGDS

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