Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Expanding the states

As you are all aware, there is a blogfest going on over at Lea's Writing Jungle and there is an abundance of information being passed on.

I read Carol Amato's posting the other day about marketing your novel for the schools. It is what I had wanted to do before anyway - with the state stories being supplements to the teaching of the states. I don't think my books really belong on the AR list as my agent suggests but more as supplemental teaching tools. You can find both of Carol's postings on the blog fest and she is going to update with another posting about the standards. If you are writing anything that has some educational value, why not market it to the schools? Create a teacher's guide and follow the standards and market away. My guess is the teachers would appreciate the tools to enhance what the students are already getting.

So here is my question to you all -- my state info is readily available on the internet. I have used information that is probably not thought of or taught but I believe activities could be created to go along with the clues for the states. Do you think I should work on teacher's guides as I write each story or should I just put it aside for now and worry about teacher guides later?

Drop me a note and let me know where you stand on this - see you all in the postings - E :)

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