Monday, October 24, 2011


I found some red/white/blue varigated yarn at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and started making some different items. I had found a pattern years ago for a crocheted bookworm. I searched and found the pattern again. While in Walmart with the girl Friday I found this autumn looking colors of varigated yarn and picked up a skein. I made a few bookworms (4) Friday night and put them on the table Saturday morning and sold 3 of them. I also had to make up at least 1 of the red/white/blue because the previously done ones had been sent to Mr. Hughes' class for a prize for a contest I had run for the kids.

Upon returning home, I got to thinking, now would be the time to snatch up some Christmas varigated yarn and make some Christmas bookworms, and then I thought, "Why stop there? why not make some for every season?" There are many varieties of varigated yarn that the possibilities are endless. So when I get a chance, I'll snatch up several skeins of Christmas colors, pastel/Easter/spring colors and more of the autumn colors and keep using my 40% coupons for the red/white/blue skeins to get a supply of that going. I think I'll post the bookworms on my website for teachers to order as gifts for their classes.

Let me know what you think? Do you think teachers would order small gifts like these to give to kids for birthdays, Christmas or other times during the school year? Leave me a note and let me know - Mrs. E :)

Here are an autumn and a red/white/blue colored one:


Carol Baldwin said...

I think they're very cute! with a great name. Teachers might snatch them up--as long as they're low budget. Good luck!

elysabeth said...

Carol, they are listed on my website at $1.75 per up to 20 and $1.25 for anything over 20 and that will cover shipping as well - thanks for stopping by and commenting - E :)

Mr. Hughes said...

I LOVE them! They are super cute and I think the price is pretty fair. I am excited to see them.

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