Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guess the State from the clue

Ms. Elysabeth says that Google alerts are not hitting on her blog much. She is allowing us to offer two clues for the readers to guess the state. Email her at eeldering@gmail.com with your answer. Feel free to comment about any aspect of the clue or the book in general, but if you know the answer, don't tell everyone. We're betting if you guess correctly we can persuade her to send you a state related gift. Remember, no looking at maps, no searching the internet, just make your guess like we do. Send it and see if you know your geography - the JGDS

CLUE #1: This state’s landscape includes fast rivers, evergreen forests, steep waterfalls, canyons, plateaus, and lakes. Some of its more famous places are Shoshone Falls in which the water cascades down 212 feet, which is a greater drop than Niagara Falls and Hell’s Canyon, which is 7900 feet deep, the deepest canyon in North America.

CLUE #2: The Lemhi Pass is most notable for the Lewis and Clark expedition, which entered this state in 1805. Now, the Lemhi County Historical Museum contains artifacts and information about Sacajawea, the Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark discover the Northwest Territory.

Have fun and hope you all know it - the JGDS

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Belton Center for the Arts pictures

As promised, here are the pictures from the Belton Center for the Arts summer camp. The theme this year was storybook and this session was from The Very Hungry Catepillar. The best one is the group picture because I am hidden. The first one is me reading a selection from the book. The second one is the group picture.

Viv has already threatened the camera for Decatur, so I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post from that. See you all in the postings - Ms. E :)

Decatur bound, here we come

We are going to Decatur. The anticipation and excitement continue to build. Ms. Elysabeth and her kids volunteered last year and this year, she is going to be in her publisher's booth. We have so much to do to get ready for the upcoming events. Ms. Elysabeth has some geography games and fun things related to the series. We hope she sells out again. The first order is almost gone - less than 15 left but we've lost count.

If you happen to come by the booth, make sure you tell Ms. Elysabeth, Ms. Vivian and Ms. Jacque that you heard about it online. We might be able to talk Ms. Elysabeth into having some special gifts available just for mentioning finding out about the book festival somewhere online. There are lots of places the event is being posted, so come on and say you heard about them online.

For more information about the festival, click here. Click the book and street fair link and you will see a list of all exhibitors and booth numbers. 4RV is booth 114. See you all there. Hopefully the weather will stay like it has been the past couple of days. the JGDS

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Noteworthy News

We apologize for being absent so much of late. Ms. Elysabeth has been busy (see her posting on the other blog for how busy she has been).

Ms. Elysabeth has done three summer camp presentations at the Belton Center of the Arts and although the kids haven't been buying the books yet, they have been pretty receptive to her reading. Ms. Stephanie took pictures yesterday and we are hoping she remembers to email a copy to Ms. Elysabeth so she can post here. (Will let you know when they are available).

Ms. Vivian is back from vacation and at least one school will be showcasing several books from 4RV Publishing including the JGDS series. We can't wait to get into the schools and show the kids how much fun learning geography can be.

So far, Book 1 has been selling very well. We are pleased with how she is getting us out there. It seems she has sold 35 books total (including a few books on hold that she is awaiting to see the persons or receive their money). Viv had to order another 50 books sent to Ms. Elysabeth for the Decatur Book Festival. We hope she sells all 50 there and has to place another order for the Aiken Book Festival. We are looking forward to being in Decatur. It seems like it is shaping up to be a very big festival.

Book 2 clues are being placed in the story but nothing else has happened. Matt and Mary Beth are playing the game this time and they haven't told Ms. Elysabeth much as to how they are interacting or what the end result will be (of course she has been a bit busy to really sit down and listen to them). The book will be ready on time for publication in January.

The cover didn't win this time but maybe the next one will. We can only hope. We are being urged to get off now so we will sign off and will post more when we can.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sales and other good news!!!!

I'm so excited about how the book is doing. I can't wait to get caught up on my regular work to get the second one finished.

Since the books arrived, 50 in the first order which was supposed to be put aside basically for Decatur Book Festival, 35 have actually been requested or sold. I sent Vivian monies last week for about a dozen books and at the same time, she ordered another 50, because in talking to several friends of mine online or via email, I realized I had maybe 7 books left in the box from the original order. In total that makes 120 books in less than a month having been ordered (she forgot to order some to keep with her so she could send out for anyone who orders from the website, so had to place an order for 20). My second 50 arrived Thursday and I promised not to sell from that box and put it aside for Decatur. So, hopefully this trend will continue through the end of the year and we sell like crazy.

Yesterday, while out running around, we ran into one of Hailie's friends who bought a copy of the book. She's such a sweetheart too. She was my 34th copy sold. And then while talking to one of the band members at the grocery store, Hailie sold another one to a friend's mother out in the parking lot (she was getting a copy of the book to show the friend in the store and ran into her other friend who said to hold a copy a copy out since she did not have the cash at the moment - that was the 35th one). I am down to 5 in the box and 10 on consignment at the Belton Center for the Arts and if those don't sell by the end of the month, I'll pick them up to take with me to Decatur.

Vivian is on a mini vacation visiting her son in Colorado. Her daughter-in-law is an administrator in one of the elementary schools and read the book and absolutely loved it, so my series may make it into the schools, one school district at a time but I have a feeling that they will eventually make it into the right hands in each of the states to get distributed in the schools massively (that would be great to see my books used to supplement the geography teaching and having the kids learn things about the states they normally wouldn't pick up in their normal day-to-day routine schooling).

Now for the guesses - most everyone who has read the book gets to about Clue #25 (out of 27 clues) before they really know the state. I did two presentations last week at the Belton Center for the Arts summer camp (the theme this year is story time) and had a blast. Stephanie wanted me to read clue #25 so the kids could guess the state but I didn't want to, really wanted to entice them to buy the book, or get their parents to buy the book, so that they could read the book for themselves and make their guesses like my characters do.

I will be doing one more presentation next Wednesday to the last of the summer camp sessions at the Belton Center for the Arts. I will probably read the first part and the first two clues and let them get the books to read the rest themselves. Definitely Clue #25 is a dead giveaway clue (26 and 27 are basically the common, known facts of the state so everyone should know by the last clue or the next to the last clue for sure).

One of the band member's mother bought two copies and informed me last night while at the store that she guessed the state from the cover. I don't know how she did but she did. The cover depicts Clue #2 (Sacajawea), Clue #14 (the Appaloosa horse) and Clue #20 (the Birds of Prey Wildlife area in this state being the home to world's most dense population of nesting eagles, hawks and falcons). Way to go Faith from knowing from the cover what state it is. You get a gold star.

Everyone come over to the 4RV website and place your order today. If you know me, you can get an autographed copy from me directly (remembering I only have about 15 left I can actually sell before Decatur Book Festival). If you are in the Atlanta area over the Labor Day weekend, stop by the Decatur Book Festival and come visit the 4RV booth. You can pick up your copy of 10 of the books that 4RV has published this year, some actually signed by the authors who will be available (Viv, Jacque Graham and myself). So see you all in the postings or at the book festivals - E :)

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