Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do you love your librarian?

Last week at our Sisters in Crime (SinC) meeting, we had a librarian from Pickens County Library come give us a little insight on getting books in the library and some other fun stuff. I passed my bookmarks out as I didn't have any in January and everyone else was passing theirs out then. I stayed a little after the meeting and talked with Jennifer about doing some programs at the library, et cetera. I also gave a copy of State of Successes to the librarian to put in her branch. Sunday evening, while I was just sitting here working and minding my own business, an email came across my desk with the subject line - DACUSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL INVITATION - I was thinking it was something from the forum so wasn't going to read it right away. I decided to take a break and read a few emails that had come in. The invitation was actually to me to participate in the Read Across America program at Dacusville Middle School. Woohooo, I think librarian Jennifer spread the word for me - lol. Thank you, Ms. Jennifer. I responded and sent a copy of my sell sheet and the order form for teachers and students, so hopefully I'll get some orders from the school. I'll also pass out bookmarks to the students that morning and leave them with the media specialist (from whom the invitation actually came).

I'll be at Dacusville Middle School on March 18, either at 9 or 10 in the morning. I'll leave the school, grab a bite to eat on my way to Greenville for the Southeast Homeschool Convention/Conference where I'll be volunteering for the afternoon (this is an event I wanted to participate in as a vendor so much but just didn't have the funds to do so, but I'm hoping that next year this group will return and I'll be able to be there as a vendor - buy some books, help send the JGDS to conferences - lol). I may not be able to sell my books that day but I'll be passing out my bookmarks with order forms attached so that I'll get some notice - I hope.

I have a busy few months ahead but it's all good. Promotion is key, especially with such a large project. Be on the lookout for updates and pictures of the events. See you all in the postings - Mrs. E :) & the JGDS

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