Saturday, March 19, 2011

Read Across America success!

So I dropped the kids off at school, came back and showered and dressed and then stopped by friend's work to pick up a check so I could get gas and some breakfast before getting to the school. I got there and was guided to the class I was to read to, a 6th grade group, very small but from what I understand is that they are not a regular class - but a class where they get the extra help as needed in all their subjects. There were 8 students in the class. I was given the book "Through The Cracks" and when I had looked this up online to see what I was going to be reading, I found two different books on I did the sneak preview of the one I could and thought surely this wasn't the book I was reading to 6th graders. The other one states it is for ages 4 to 8 and so I didn't think that would be the one to be read to 6th graders either. So I didn't know which book I was reading. Thank goodness it was the second one. It's about how kids slip through the cracks because they are bored or not excited about being in school and kind of just get by as best they can. Very awesome reading.

I went back to the library for refreshments and told the librarian I would like to read again if they had any open spots. Sure enough someone had not been able to show up, so I got to read to a 7th grade class. They didn't have a book in the class to read, so I got to read Train of Clues and the kids loved it. They were guessing all kinds of places - the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Wall, - all places on the east coast. When we finally got to the reveal, they were all like, "I knew that." or "That's what I was thinking." I had a great time.

This was definitely a success in that there were 42 volunteers from the community and authors participating this year. This is the second year they have done the Read Across America program. I think it's great that they came up with that many folks willing to participate. I was found through SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators) because I'm listed on the speaker's bureau, so yay! my membership paid off. I also told Ms. Jennifer I would like to do it again next year if I'm not already booked somewhere else.

I love programs like this and to see so many folks coming together to do something good, just warms the cockles of my heart. Pics to come later - E :)

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