Thursday, August 5, 2010

Successes interior - woohoo

Saw the interior for State of Successes this morning and I must say the change in the game console really did wonders for the layout. It isn't completed yet, but hopefully it will be this evening or early morning for me to upload to get a proof copy ordered so I at least will have that to take with me next weekend to the Love to Learn Homeschool Resource & Info conference in Charlotte.

(this is the almost final cover for the front of the Passport Across America booklet - the final version has my name moved down as close to the bottom as possible and perhaps a tad smaller)

Heather is diligently working on two projects at the same time tonight - the Passport Across America booklet; I've added a few more games/puzzles to that and we are good on the cover almost (she had to do a spine since this will be a few more pages longer than the books themselves, but I think you all will be super pleased with that once she gets that one to me) as well as tweaking State of Successes. Things are moving along. If all goes well, these two will both be published after the conference next weekend. I'm hoping that having the proofs will entice people to do preorders or at least several items at once so that as soon as they are published I can drop them in the mail. Passport will only be available through me but the rest of the books in the series will be available through as well as libraries & educational institutes; and I'll be offering copies of the Passport booklet for free for any preorders (47 books) or large quantity orders for each child in the family.

When she takes a short breath from these two projects, she will do the cover for #6 - State of Nature - and then will work on the interior of State of Heights. So it looks like the end of September for sure I should have another book published.

Looking forward to getting more books in the series available to you all - Mrs. E :)


Rena said...

Sounds great, E! Sounds like Heather is working really hard. Good luck!

elysabeth said...

Rena, she is definitely working hard to get the series back on track. Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to get things rolling with more books coming out a year (shooting for 5 right now, with two fairly quickly right now and two back to back the first part of the year since I have a really huge homeschool conference the middle of March and really want to have lots of items available plus all the upcoming events in the next four months I have). Train of Clues looks so good - I just ordered a few of that title for next weekend and am so looking forward to next weekend - hoping this will be the beginning of my big break - I'll keep ya'll apprised of how things go - E :)

Lori Calabrese said...

You are busy, busy, busy! Enjoy hearing all the updates!

Congrats on Train of Clues--it looks great! Can't wait to check it out!

All the best,

elysabeth said...

Lori, you know we authors can't stay idle for too long - lol. And you, when is "Bug" coming out? Really looking forward to seeing your book become available - I hope the updates are not overwhelming folks but I know my true followers right now. I'll be heading out of town this weekend - and hoping that because I'm doing a workshop for the kids means I'll sell out - E :)

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