Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mint Hill success/license plate game

Mint Hill Sunday in the Park was very successful this year (not as much as I would have liked to seen for my books in the way of homeschoolers, but still succesful). I took Benjamin with me to help out; he stayed to himself most of the day - did set up the canopy and went to get some pizza and ice cream later in the day for us and helped Shelley take her stuff to her car.

Shelley was selling like a madman - she sold 7 copies of Radium Halos and 2 copies of "The Moose Next Door" (an interative write and illustrate your own essay story book for grades 2 through 4).

I sold my special deal (the first three books with study guides), a copy of "Wilderness" and a copy of "Train of Clues".

The booths on either side of us housed a young girl who is homeschooled selling "dragon eggs" and hair ribbons (flowered and ribbons hanging down type of things) and they were fun to talk to. Ms. Gabrielle, the 4-year-old sister to the girl selling, opened up to me as we were getting ready to leave or close to that time; she just pulled her little Disney Princesses chair next to me and gave me a life story. She was so cute. The young fellow next to me on the other side was doing macrame type parachute cord bands (wrist and keyrings) to benefit the military fallen heroes funds or something like that - he was an ex-marine. He also told us about a festival in Banner Elk, which is in October - the Woolly Worm Festival. It is held at one of the schools in Banner Elk and I've made contact and am hoping to add this to my events this year. So be on the lookout for more information on this if I get in and can possibly do a school visit the Friday before the event - that would be awesome.

I've already added another festival to the October line-up - so check out my website for the calendar of events. This one is very local - right in the town where I live so no major travel time and no staying in a hotel or with friends or anything like that; just need Benjamin to help set the canopy up and take it down but that should be an easy setup.

After getting the car packed up and heading out, Benjamin started checking out license plates on vehicles as they passed us. We saw a good many of the different states - 11 in total, not including South Carolina and North Carolina (obviously being in those two states, those two tags were expected to be seen). One trucker we passed actually had an Ontario plate - so we actually saw international plates - lol.

The states we saw included Ohio, Virginia (heading south for whatever reason, must be going back to school somewhere down this way), Mississippi, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, New Jersey (again, heading in the wrong direction - since Jersey is north of us), Tennessee and Georgia (this is pretty much expected coming from North Carolina to South Carolina on I-85, which is a direct route to Atlanta. We saw two cars together with New York plates and one of them actually said "DR BOOK" - now how cool a plate is that. I'm thinking of doing a vanity plate for me but I don't think anyone would really get it (I want it to look something like this but may be too many letters - JGDS ATHR). And the winning plate from the furthest place is Washington state. He really is a long way from home so hoping his trip is successful wherever he was heading. It was fun to see several different states from many different regions of the country.

Remember on any trip you take - play a game and have fun. Mrs. E :)

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