Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Passport booklet uploaded

I'm excited. Heather and I finally got the page numbering and the puzzles straightened out for the Passport booklet and I just uploaded the files to, so now it's a matter of waiting to make sure we have the layout to their standards, et cetera.

I have a meeting in the morning (well in less than 7 hours from the time this post is being done) with the elementary school librarian here and hopefully she will have some funds to start getting some books as she had talked about last year. I know they (the art instructor and the librarian) were trying to get a grant to get copies of the books to have on hand for the students for giveaways like AR prizes or other things, so I'm hoping that tomorrow she will say yes, they received the grant and would like to proceed with getting books in. If that is the case, we can start getting more books in the series ready for publication. The process is taking about 6 weeks total right now - but that is because Heather and I are still learning each other's styles and we have both had other things going on during this time. She also has been doing double duty the last month for me - creating the Passport booklet and doing everything for State of Successess (layout, interior illustraions, cover, design, et cetera plus deal with me changing my mind on something or making her life more difficult - not really; - lol). She truly has been wonderful to work with, very much wants to make sure I am satisfied. Her mother is thrilled with the series and is excited to be receiving items to use with Heather's younger siblings. So Ms. Mary, be patient - you will get the books, study guides and fun activities as I can get them published and sent to you - lol.

Keeping with the excitement today, my first official order of "Train of Clues" arrived this morning - looks pretty awesome. I will head to Charlotte this weekend with probably 4 or 5 copies in hand - sold a copy today, have three spoken for (will get with Anita tomorrow or Friday) and have one for the winner of my blog comment contest, Ms. Carol, whom I will see this weekend. May have another copy of the book sold Thursday when I go to school to teach class. I will order more copies probably next week unless the librarian has funds available to purchase books. I am taking orders for "Train of Clues" now and when I have at least 10 copies ordered, I will submit the order and ship the books out within a couple of days of receiving them (I've been getting books the day after an order is placed, which is a huge advantage of having books printed in the same state - only 4 or so hours from where I live).

Mr. Hughes and Heather will have to wait on their spoken for copies until the next order goes in - lol; sorry ya'll but you will get them -

Okay - need some sleep - just reporting on updates - see you all in the postings - Mrs. E :)

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