Monday, February 23, 2009

PROMO Day - May 9

I will be doing a workshop on "Virtual Book Tours" during PROMO Day. Hope you all can stop by and see what workshops are being offered and perhaps you can find something of interest to you. Jo Lindsell is the founder of PROMO Day and this is a great networking opportunity. It's also a way to promote yourself. Stop by and see what's happening.


PROMO DAY is an all day international online event for people in the writing industry to promote, learn and network.

It's FREE to attend and is full of opportunities for writers and other members of the writing industry to promote themselves and their work/services.

PROMO Day website

PROMO DAY is full of opportunities for writers to promote themselves and their work for FREE.

Writers can:
* take part in the PROMO chatroom discussions
* have the video trailor for their book posted to the site
* submit a sample chapter to the site
* take part in the FREE online workshops on site
* take advantage of the other resources available on site e.g. useful weblinks.

PROMO DAY is a great opportunity for writers to network with others from the industry and learn more about publishing and marketing whilst spreading the word about their own projects.

As an international event, PROMO DAY, also gives the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world.

Past events have been attended by editors and publishers looking for new talent. Some writers have also been offered paid assignments following the event.


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