Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meet Suzanne Lieurance - Children's author extraordinaire

I had the pleasure of being on Suzanne's blog talk radio show last year about my series. Now, I get to host her this week for the Virtual Book Tour Yahoo! forum I belong to. Let me introduce Suzanne to you by presenting her bio and Tuesday, I'll introduce her newest release - The Locket. Later this week, Suzanne will do a guest posting about her writing workshops.

Hope you enjoy meeting this wonderful children's writer.

Suzanne Lieurance is a fulltime children’s author, freelance writer, and The Working Writer’s Coach. She teaches children’s writing for the Institute of Children’s Literature based in West Redding, Connecticut, and is the founder and director of the National Writing for Children Center.

Lieurance is the author of 20 published books and has written articles for a variety of magazines, newsletters, and ezines like Family-Fun, Kansas City Weddings, Instructor Magazine, New Moon for Girls, Children’s Writer, and many others. She hosts a talk show about children’s books, called Book Bites for Kids, every weekday afternoon on

Lieurance offers a variety of coaching programs via private phone calls, teleclasses, listserv, and private email for writers who want to turn their love of writing (for children and/or adults) into a part-time or full-time career.

Contact info:
Suzanne's website
Writing for Children Center
Working Writer's Coach
Book Bites for Kids
Build Your Business Write


Vivian Zabel said...

Elysabeth, this post is a good introduction to Suzanne. I'll be checking back to learn more about her and her book.

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

What can I say. I absolutely love wht Suzanne has to offer a writer. Although I'm one of those guilty parties who might read but not comment all the time, I love her website.

Great job, E.

elysabeth said...

Vivian, I can't wait to share more about Suzanne and her newest release, The Locket. If you've not had an opportunity to do an interview with her on blogtalkradio - Book Bites for Kids, I suggest you try to get on her schedule. The interviews are fun.

Lea, I know what you mean - there are so many blogs and content out there that it is hard to visit them all let alone leave comments. Very time consuming. Thanks for stopping by today.

Maybe Suzanne will pop in tomorrow and leave some comments too. See you all in the postings - E :)

kathy stemke said...

Suzanne has a wealth of knowledge to offer writers. I'm taking a writing course with her right now. Her teleseminars are packed full of great tips that will help you become a better writer. Her business courses can help anyone increase their business. Take the time to look at what she has to offer.

I can't wait to hear more about her latest book, "The Locket."

elysabeth said...

I wish I had a copy of it to do a review this week, but maybe later. Oh - I hadn't even checked to see if my library has it - what was I thinking - lol. I guess I can do a review by the end of the week. Kathy, thanks for letting us know some about what Suzanne has to offer. - E :)

Margaret Fieland said...

Elysabeth, thanks for the post. I'm looking forward to learning more about Suzanne's book and workshops.

Margaret Fieland

Sally Murphy said...

Thanks for the post - Suzanne sounds an interesting person and I look forward to learning more.

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