Sunday, February 22, 2009

End of Prairie Dog Cowboy tour

For those of you have followed Vivian's tour, it is ending today and she has her final posting up on her blog. You can still be entered for the drawing of the four canvas bags by checking the schedule and leaving your comments on the postings you may have missed during the tour. Come on over folks. There are some really informative reviews, interviews, and other information going on. Don't be shy, just jump in and leave your comments.

On a side note, I see that Vivian has quite a following on her blog (under 50 but building). I wish I had the following that some of these other blogs do. Where are the readers? I need followers too - wahhhh :( - lol - only kidding. I think it will happen before I realize it. But pleease, follow the tours and check out the postings on everyone's blog to see what new and fun things are out there.

1 comment:

Vivian Zabel said...

Thanks for promoting the stops on the tour, not just yours.

Hopefully people on the virtual blog tour list will start following the blogs involved, which would help.

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