Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cowboy Life comes to the modern day States

Vivian's newest release - Prairie Dog Cowboy - will be touring the blogosphere next week. Today, she is featured on Shari Lyle-Soffe's blog. So stop by and leave a comment for Vivian and Shari. (Tomorrow the JGDS will be featured on this blog).

Click the links below to follow Buddy and his life in the panhandle of Oklahoma before it became a state: There will be a drawing during the tour for four canvas bags. Please make sure if you leave a comment to leave your email addy in the comment and can be done like this (so you aren't spammed) eeldering at gmail dot com - or you can leave your actual email addy. Vivian needs an email to contact you if you are drawn as the winner.

Prairie Dog Cowboy Tour Schedule February 15 - 22
February 15:
Ransom Noble
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

February 16:
Beverly Stowe McClure
Jennifer Nipps

February 17:
Nancy Famolari
Joy's Delgado's website and
Joy Delgado's blog

February 18: (Vivian's 47th anniversary)
the JGDS
Rena Jones' blog and
Rena's multiply blog

February 19:
Malcolm R. Campbell
Chris Speakman

February 20:
Joyce Anthony
Nikki Shoemaker

February 21:
Holly Jahangiri

February 22: - wrap up
Vivian Zabel

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Rena said...

Looking forward to it! Cool about the anniversary too!

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