Thursday, October 2, 2008

Virtual Classroom visit Day 3

Yep, I was in class again today. We got two pictures done and two more leads for stories done. I found the second one much harder to do. So if you would like to take the challenge (3 minutes writing time on the first one and 1 minute writing on the second), then please share with us what you come up with. The first picture is a bit freaky but it does have a lot of possibilities. The kids had some humerous things and some not so humerous but I think they are doing well considering they are learning about writing stories.

Lead #3 (I didn't get to participate in Lead #1, which is action and the one yesterday was starting with dialogue that we did yesterday) Setting and Time - this is the more traditional way to start stories and might be the easier for a good many writers. For me, it was a tough challenge because I tend to lean toward action and dialogue for starting off my stories (or so it seems). Here is the caption from the picture:



She lowered the knife and

it grew even brighter.


Jennifer's knife glowed brightly on that eerie Halloween night. She needed to get the pumpkin pie made but the lights had gone out and the only glow was from her knife. She will never forget the feel of the knife in her hand as it glowed hotter and brighter.

The closer to the pumpkin the knife came the brighter it glowed. The blackout allowed the glow to be the only light seen for many blocks.

How had she gotten this magical knife?

Lead #4: The one sentence wonder. This takes longer and more thought to come up with a sentence to start a story. The caption above the picture was as follows:



He swung his lantern three times and slowly the schooner appeared.

My starter: Not very good by any means but this was tougher (1 minute to come up with this)

Jason looked out in the fog and jumped when he saw what appeared out of nowhere only to be stopped by the firm grip of the old man.

Share what you come up with. Keep checking back for the classroom visits and what we are doing. Don't forget next Friday is the Trockle Trick-or-Treat tour stop on this blog. We have been preparing for your creativity by giving you a few simple challenges here but next one will be a fun writing exercise for you - E :) and the JGD Squad


Rena said...

I crack under time pressures -- LOL! I'd LOOK at the picture for one minute. Love the picture, BTW.

BatyaD said...

Night darkened the room around Sarah. The same night that came earlier now, wrapping a blanket around all the things she still needed to do. Sarah preferred spring and summer, when the days grew longer and she could take a moment to breathe now and then. Fall always rushed her. But tonight Sarah moved slowly. She carved out the pumpkin the way the month carves out the moon, with precision and small slices. When ready, she lit a candle in the jack-o-lantern's center, and it glowed like starlight, haloing her face. Her brothers and sisters would smile, not as jagged-toothed as the pumpkin, but with a great deal more joy.

BatyaD said...

The last time Grandpa performed magic for me a schooner appeared from the mist, answering the call of his lantern.

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