Friday, October 10, 2008

He's here, He's here - finally!!!!!

Trockle has been touring cyberspace again and has finally made it to my blog again. See I hosted him just a couple of weeks ago but this time, no interviews, no reviews, no articles. We are going to challenge you readers to something fun.

Holly Jahangiri created "Trockle", the little monster who lives under Stephen's bed. What about you? Do you have a monster aching to get out? Let's go trick-or-treating with Trockle and see what other kind of ghouls and monsters live in this world.

My friend Batya at UPositive Creative and Life Coaching has put out a challenge in her newsletter. So here it is to you all: Halloween is just around the calendar corner. The first challenge issued is to invent a new monster. You might want to drag one out from your own stash of "goblins" who inhabit and inhibit your mind, or conjure one from thin or thick air.

Post your created monsters in the comments and see how many of them can befriend Trockle.

Remember there are prizes on this tour too. Here are the rules for Holly's contest. You must do both steps in order to be eligible for the prize (purchase a copy of the book and answer the question).

Grand Prize: A customized Halloween short story featuring your child (or grandchild, niece, nephew, or friend) with Trockle - written by Holly Jahangiri and illustrated by Jordan Vinyard.

Second Prize: A $20 gift certificate to

To enter, complete the following steps:

(1) Purchase a copy of Trockle directly from 4RV Publishing (4RV Store) between 12:00 AM October 5 and 11:59 PM October 13, and

(2) Send an email to with your answer to the question posted at Trockle promo question.

You may enter as often as you like, but all completed entries must be received before midnight on October 13!

Winners will be announced at Holly's blog and at Vivian's website.

The winners will be chosen randomly from all correctly completed entries (see "To enter" above) and winners will be notified by email. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Grand Prize winner will need to work directly with the author and illustrator to create a memorable gift for that special child. To include the child's likeness in the illustration, you will need to provide a digital photo upon notification that you have won. Every effort will be made to deliver the prize prior to Halloween, but circumstances beyond our control may prevent that and we do not guarantee that it will arrive by October 31.

The schedule is below: (you can still check the previous postings to see what Trockle was up to, even though it's been a bit scary this week what with computer gremlins attacking several of the blocks and some possible alien abudctions, too).

October 5: Joyce Anthony @ Books and Authors

October 6: Joyce Anthony @ Books and Authors

October 7: Janet @ Janet’s Book Nook

October 8: Kimberly @ All About Kimberly

October 8: Jen (Pantheistic Mom) @ My Terrene Reality

October 10: Elysabeth Eldering @ the Junior Geography Detective Squad

October 11: Ron Berry @ The Surreal Writer

October 12: Lynne Thompson @ La Vida Es Un Sueno

October 13: Wrap-up by Holly Jahangiri and Jordan M. Vinyard


Trockle said...

Oooh, Ms. Elysabeth - are your readers going to create someone for me to go trick-or-treating with? That sounds like fun!

elysabeth said...

Well, Trockle honey, that's the idea. Get my readers to create some new friends for you. I'm doing a little contest in the class I'm visiting in Utah (yes via the computer) using the same challenge from my friend. They are going to be writing some short stories about their newly created monsters too. I'll have to let you know what they come up with. I hope my readers do get involved and write you some friends to go trick-or-treating with. Will see.

Vivian Zabel said...

I have a monster for Trockle to befriend. His/her/its name is Verpquexzia, and V (for short) is short and squatty. It, no, let's call V a she - She has long flowing, uh, strands of something for hair. I think it's alive because it moves even when no wind blows. Her skin is purple with sort of bluish spots, not bumps, just spots.

Even the other monsters won't play with her. They say she's too ugly with her thin, long nose, and squinty dark eyes. But since she got glasses, she doesn't squint her three eyes any more.

Regular children are afraid of her because at night, the shadow she casts, caused by the moonlight through the window or the hall light through the partially open door or a nightlight scare them.

V tries to hide, but sometimes she gets soooo lonely.

Vivian Zabel said...

Trockle, I hope you can be a friend for V. I'm sure she would love to go trick-or-treating with you.

elysabeth said...

Oh, Ms. Vivian. V sounds adorable and scary too. Glad she's not squinting any more because of her glasses. Are they the thick lenses so no one can see her eyes now?

Trockle, what do you think? Can V come trick-or-treating with you? Oh we are going to have fun at the party now - lots of new little monsters will be coming to join Trockle. Ms. E :)

Trockle said...

Ms. Viv, why would anyone not play with V? She's beautiful! Her eyes are all different colors, and I love the way they blink at different times. (I only have one eye, so I can't do that.) I'm glad you said to call her V, because Verpexi--er, Verpiquizic--er, oh, shucks, I can't say her real name! It's HARD!

Vivian Zabel said...

Ah, aren't you sweet, Trockle. Yes, V's eyes are quite unusual, but people and monsters sometimes don't look closely enough to find the beauty in other people or monsters.

Pantheist Mom said...

Oooh, Ms. Elysabeth - this is fun!

I have a monster. Her name is Fretta, and she embodies my tendency to worry. She helps me worry about EVERYTHING. She is a sweet but very needy monster. She has green skin and purple eyes. She's just a baby, and once I wrap my arms around her, I just can't put her down. She is very loud - so loud that I sometimes can't hear anything else going on around me!

When I can keep her calm, she is a nice companion and keeps me just enough on my toes to be productive. But if I ignore her, she gets so totally out of control that I don't have time for anything else in my life.

It's important to realize she's a GOOD monster, and not a bad one. Once you learn how to treat her and control her, she can be quite funny. The most important thing is not to be afraid of her (isn't it like that with any monster?)

I think Fretta would be a good friend to Trockle. The more socialized she is, the more in control she stays.

Hi Trockle and Stephen!! Enjoy the rest of your tour!

Vivian Zabel said...

Thank you, Elysabeth, for a fun tour stop. Bringing out our monsters was fun.

I'll bet other people have monsters, too, but they may be too shy to share with us.

Night, Trockle and Stephen. Have good dreams, V. Maybe you'll go trick-or-treating with Trockle and Stephen.

Rena said...

Well, my husband just came home from a 5 week training academy.

Does that count? ;)

elysabeth said...

Ms. Jen,

Your Fretta sounds adorable but too much coddling for me. LOL - I need monsters who are self-sufficient and can make it for the most part on their own, save the trick-or-treating time - you always go with a buddy, no matter how old you get to be. Safety in numbers, remember that.

Ms. Vivian,

Hope you get to feeling better and thanks for dropping by.

Ms. Rena,

No he doesn't count as a monster. You didn't make him up. He may be unbearable right now but he's not a monster. Lol - have fun - see you in the postings - E :)

Holly Jahangiri said...

Jen, we definitely need to get Fretta and Trockle together! :) She sounds very high maintenance, but very sweet. And Trockle's got boundless energy to distract her from her worries...

Trockle said...

Ms. Elysabeth? Thank you very much for letting us come visit you again. I have made some new friends here! V and Fretta are so much fun! Thank you, Ms. Viv and Ms. Jen for introducing us!

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