Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three more days until Trockle Trick-or-Treat tour

We are having fun right? Trockle will be visiting us again in three days and the challenge will be on. We want you all to be creative for this Halloween season. Don't worry, there are prizes and everything. In case you missed the posting about the contest Ms. Holly is running, here it is again:

Grand Prize: A customized Halloween short story featuring your child (or grandchild, niece, nephew, or friend) with Trockle - written by Holly Jahangiri and illustrated by Jordan Vinyard.

Second Prize: A $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com.

To enter, complete the following steps:

(1) Purchase a copy of Trockle directly from 4RV Publishing (http://www.4rvpublishingllc.com/Store) between 12:00 AM October 5 and 11:59 PM October 13, and

(2) Send an email to president@4rvpublishingllc.com with your answer to the question posted at http://jahangiri.us/trockle-promo.html.

You may enter as often as you like, but all completed entries must be received before midnight on October 13!

Winners will be announced at http://blog.jahangiri.us and at http://www.4rvpublishingllc.com.

The winners will be chosen randomly from all correctly completed entries (see "To enter" above) and winners will be notified by email. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Grand Prize winner will need to work directly with the author and illustrator to create a memorable gift for that special child. To include the child's likeness in the illustration, you will need to provide a digital photo upon notification that you have won. Every effort will be made to deliver the prize prior to Halloween, but circumstances beyond our control may prevent that and we do not guarantee that it will arrive by October 31.

And if you haven't seen what Trockle looks like, we thought we'd help you out here.


zhadi said...

I just love this character... must go buy my copy of the book!

Rain-drop said...

Trockle is so cute!

Trockle said...

Trockle runs around being silly, shouting in his best Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer voice: "I'b cude! She says I'b cude!"

elysabeth said...

Um, Trockle dear. You are singing the wrong song. Shouldn't you be running around singing to the tune of Monster Mash or Things that Go Bump in the Night? Oh wait, that's what you do - go bump in the night. You now everyone wants a Trockle doll and I can't wait to see one and hold it in my hands. No more Christmas songs. It's too early for that. Ms. E :)

Rena said...

Isn't it funny how something like a book or a TV commercial can stir up a craving? Ever since we read TROCKLE, I've been wanting a Choco-Taco! Rick told me Taco John's sells Choco-Tacos and we actually have those here. Hooray!

Good luck with the tour!

elysabeth said...

LOL - Ms. Rena. You wanted candy corn when you started posting about the fall and now you want Choco-Tacos - lol We say please bring us some too, but none for Ms. Elysabeth. She's allergic to nuts and can't have them. Maybe a fudge bar or ice cream sandwich for her. the JGD Squad -

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