Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stories for Children Magazine review is up

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If you click on the title of this posting, it will take you directly to the review. This is one of the first 5 star reviews I received. I'm very pleased on the write up from this magazine. If you look to the right of the postings and scroll down some, you will see the banner that will take you to their website directly. This is an online magazine for kids and it is done very well. A little bit of everything. Poetry, coloring pages, puzzles and games, stories, illustrations. I think any child would like having these well done ezines as their very own. So stop on by and check them out. Sign up to receive your copies in email. Enjoy. - E :)


Rena said...

Cool -- :)

Mr. Hughes said...

Congrats! But, after all, you ARE an amazing author!

Vonda Skelton said...

Great review--congrats!

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