Sunday, September 21, 2008

Slide of Aiken Book Festival

The first few are from Friday's workshop with Jefferson Spurlock and Vonda Skelton. The Cat in Hat ones are from the Friday's author reception, and then the rest are just different booths around the book festival. I was trying to get everyone's booth but again, I had the camera on the wrong setting and it kept saying I was running low on my battery. But I did get some good ones (Hailie said a lot of them blurry and she didn't put them on the disk which is fine).


If you would like to check out all the authors that were set up at the book festival, you can always check the Aiken Book festival page and click on their names to check out their websites.


Kimberli said...

Neat slide show! Looks like a good time. Thanks for sharing!

Rena said...

Cool! I love seeing how authors set up their tables with different displays and such that revolve around their books. :)

elysabeth said...

Thanks Kimberli and Rena. I'm still working on my display. This being my first ever by myself show - it's different when you have to do everything on your own - I'll get the perfect display eventually, the more I do it. But I did have a good time - so that's the important thing - E :0

Donna McDine said...

Wonderful slide show...very clever. Sounds like a grand time was had. How did you enjoy your experience.

Donna McDine

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