Monday, September 8, 2008

Announcing title of second book in series

Well, after brainstorming with titles based on some of the clues already in the story, Aidana and I have come up with State of Quarries. Another friend suggested State of Mines but I like Quarries better. We tossed around a few others - State of Pits, State of Dredgers - but we both liked Quarries. So the next book will be State of Quarries and it is being worked on. Aidana has several of the clues to start working on illustrations and the cover, which means I might have a cover to show by the end of the month. More updates as I get them. - Ms. E :)


Kimberli said...

Great title!

elysabeth said...

Thanks Kimberli. I think it is worthy of the clues and what I need to add and very appropriate. Once the clues are down with the interactions from the kids, it will make more sense to the readers. Of course once the cover is done, then there might even be some light bulbs going off in the adults' heads as to why the title. Wait and see now. Thanks for stopping by - see you in the postings - E :)

Rena said...

Wow, sounds great! I guess I better get the first one or I'll be too behind. ;)

Elysabeth -- are these books something homeschoolers could use? If so, I could put up some information on our homeschool group emailing system. Maybe I'll do that once I get a copy for myself. :)

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