Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monsters Under the Bed, part 2

by Jordan Vinyard

I am not a parent, so I haven't had any first hand experience combatting monsters under the bed. That being said, I do understand the notion of monsters. No, not the orange horned kind, but illogical lurking beasts just the same. Everyone has fears, and often we can't even explain the basis for those fears and concerns.

When I first read Trockle, I was immediately captivated by the developing relationship between monster and boy. The aspect I liked best, was that this was not just a lesson for children. This was a lesson for everyone. I began thinking about all the times that I had pre-conceived ideas about a person, and how worried or fearful I was that I wouldn't get along with them or we wouldn't like one another. Often, I found that they had the same worries or concerns. Like children, our imaginations often get the best of us. We let our minds run wild, and get in the way of realizing the commonalities between ourselves and others.

Don't forget the comments - see you all in the postings - Ms. E :)


Vivian Zabel said...

Jordan made the story of Trockle and Stephen live through her illustrations. The book is a work of art.

elysabeth said...

I agree and she complimented Holly's words and work very well. Jordan, looking forward to more from you - E :)

Rena said...

From what I've seen, the illustrations are adorable. Jordan has done such a great job. I remember going to bed scared and having to sleep with the lights on at night. My poor husband. His brother would get up and hide in the closet and scare him in the middle of the night. No wonder he can't watch scary movies. I'm definitely going to get Trockle for my boys soon. I think they'd really like it. Maybe Rick would too, after all his childhood trauma. LOL! Great job with the illustrating, Jordan!

Vivian Zabel said...

Just talked to Holly, who is having drastic withdrawal problems since she can't get online. She wishes she could post comments, but ... Ike put a stop to that for a while.

I can say, for myself and 4RV, Jordan is an asset to any book, and I hope she continues to stay with us even as her other art activities increase.

Emma Larkins said...

This looks really cool! I still remember being afraid of the dark. We lived in Maine in the woods, and on moonless nights there was absolutely no light from the outside world. I'd have to turn off my light and run quickly to my bed.

By the way, just checked the book out on Amazon and there aren't any reviews yet. I haven't read it myself, but those who have should review it and say how awesome it is!

Artistjv said...

Thank you for the compliments. I am really excited about the books that are currently in progress. Trockle has been a wonderful experience, and I am sure that the others will follow suit.

I hope that Holly is able to see what everyone has been saying soon. I know she will be very pleased.

Vivian Zabel said...

I've been calling Holly and reading some of the comments to her. She's having terrible withdrawal agony not being able to be online.

Vivian Zabel said...

No, Emma, there aren't any reviews on Amazon, yet. We've never found a way to force readers or reviewers to post on Amazon if they don't want to do so.

We have gotten reviews, but we can't post other people's reviews on Amazon, either. It's not much fun for us at times. *sigh*

BatyaD said...

you mean....there aren't monsters under the bed??? coulda sworn I saw one just last night

elysabeth said...

Batya, that was a dust bunny - nothing scary about that one, except the ones you have seem to have teeth. So yes they could be scary and monster like. Thanks for stopping by my friend. See you in the postings - E :)

Vivian Zabel said...

Did you notice the slippers Mama Monster wears? They are dust bunnies. Oh, guess that illustration is on my blog from yesterday. Feel free to examine the illustrations there, too.


Artistjv said...

I had begun to pick up on the fact that Holly had a sense of humor when I added things like the bunny slippers. LOL---I had no idea how correct I was in that assumption!!!
She is wonderfully funny.

I suspect Vivian knew that she was dealing with two wild cards when she put us together :)

Vivian Zabel said...

*laugh* Remember wild cards can fill out a winning hand.

These two wild cards I want to keep because together they are a winning hand.

Holly said...

I think my employer was being inadvertently kind by opening for "business as usual" today. There are still curfews in place; most neighborhoods nearby still have no power; few stores or restaurants are open; and without power, you can't operate the gas pumps. But hey, "business as usual," so some of us are enjoying a brief respite from the heat, charging up our electronic toys and phones, and getting caught up Well, a little of that, anyway. ;)

Fortunately, I have Internet at the office. I have been going a little nuts - y'all throw a party for Trockle and I can't BE here?? I could cry. But Viv has been kind enough to relay the messages by phone, and I have been able to relay some through her. Not quite the same, but better than nothing.

I have not yet even SEEN pictures of the devastation in Galveston and Houston. I have been relatively isolated, and our little neighborhood was so lucky compared to so many others. We still don't have power (and no telling when we will get that back), but we've got running water that I'm fairly sure is clean (clean enough for showers) and our house is intact. The fence blew down, but that just means we got to know some of our neighbors better. The "Killer Pine" stood strong and tall, unlike so many of its brothers and sisters nearby. We were so blessed.

And your comments have kept me from going completely stir crazy. :) Thank you all.

Jordan's artwork brought Trockle to life, and when Jordan and I first met, we hit it off so well we informed our families that we'd adopted each other as sisters. They were a little surprised, but quickly saw the logic of it and accepted it. :) We made a great team, and I can't wait to work on other projects with Jordan!

Vivian Zabel said...

Welcome back, Holly.

Holly said...

Thank you!! Good to BE back!

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