Monday, March 10, 2008

First story almost completed

Well, needless to say this story could have been finished a while back but I've been a bit on the lazy side and not really doing what I should do. I think depression has been my biggest problem of late. My regular job has been low and thereby leaving me fundless and not enjoying anything and not wanting to do anything. The first state story is ready for beta testing and so I'm hoping the 3rd through 6th grade (and two 7th grade teachers) will call me this week with an appointment to come and read to the kids so that I can get their feedback and do one final edit from that so that I can submit to the publisher. If this format works, then the other states should fall into place pretty quickly. Just deciding who makes an appearance in the stories and when and what bonus clues to use - that is the trick -

If the characters behave like they should, again I should have no problems. Of course some characters feel they should take center stage and others don't seem to want to come out too much. I'll have to coax them out soon because I need to get to the next state and keep on moving on. More character sketches coming soon.

I originally started with Guy being my main character focused on but the first story and it seems subsequent ones now are focusing on Matt but Guy is there, as is Jolene and Mary Beth.

I hope to have some goodies to give away as the stories progress. So be on the lookout - keep checking back for updates.

See you all in the postings - E :)

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