Friday, March 28, 2008

Guy Lombard here

Yep, you guessed it. I finally get my chance at telling you about me. I'm Matt's best friend. We have known each other since, hmm, maybe since the sandbox days. LOL. I guess we've known each other so long that I don't know when we really first met. His mom is pretty cool, so must be my mom and her met and hit it off pretty good.

Matt is pretty cool as friends go, but his sister is a big pain. She just hangs around us because no one wants to be around her and Mrs. Patterson kind of makes Matt look out for her too.

Sometimes I wonder how me and Matt are friends because we seem so opposite. He's pretty laid back and interesting and well, I'm kind of high-strung. I'd forget my head if it weren't on my shoulders. I remember at Matt's surprise birthday party, which was a scavanger hunt on a mini train, I was late because I had misplaced my invitation. I'm pretty sure Mrs. P. would have let me on without the invite but it did say to bring with you or you wouldn't be admitted.

Matt and I like a lot of the same things but he's just more organized about his stuff than I am. I'm kind of just scatterbrained most of the time.

I was supposed to tell you about me but I don't like talking about myself much. I'm of a mixed marriage, so I'm kind of light skinned. I don't have a 'fro or nothing like that. Just can't do nothing with the hair I have. I have lots of siblings but they aren't around much. I'm the baby and my mom started having babies when she was very young. I don't really have close brothers and sisters as I'm the only one left in the house. Mom says that's okay though, I'm the special one.

Let's see - what else is there to tell about me? Not much but if you want to know something, ask Matt. He's better at describing me than I am and he knows me pretty good. So going to get some shuteye - see you guys later - Guy

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