Friday, February 29, 2008

Matt Patterson here

So Ms. Elysabeth has been promising that she would show who we were. Guess we finally drove her to the point of being out there. After all, Rock of Realm characters have their own blog and this is basically a blog about our adventures, so why not have us do the blogging.

A little bit about me and maybe I'll let Guy Lombard (my best bud) and Mary Beth (my sister) and Jolene (best looking girl in the school) introduce themselves, maybe hahaha.

I'm your basic boy next door kind of guy. I'm 12 years old and I like games (Xbox, playstation, handheld, anything really - like the educational stuff a lot too), reading (love adventures and history and just learning new things), sports (just like watching a lot more than I play but have played baseball and like to watch some fun things on TV), skateboarding, hanging with my friends and just being by myself sometimes. I'm pretty average looking. I have brunette hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses so I can see, but not anything dorky looking (that's Len's department). Wire frames for me.

I'm tall but not towering over my classmates or anything. I've not been measured in a while but last height was about 5 feet 3 or so inches and that was a couple of years ago. I'm a pretty easy going guy and get along with most everyone, except my little sister sometimes - she can be a big pain.

We live in a small town and most of us have never really lived anywhere else so we've been friends for all our lives. We try to stay out of trouble but sometimes we can't help ourselves. If there are problems, I'm usually the one who has to be breaking things up and be the mediator and stuff like that.

Well, it's getting late and I guess I should get to bed. Maybe the rest of the crew will come in sometime and add their bios too.

From what I understand, Ms. Elysabeth has the first story almost finished and is in the editing stages now and is hoping to have it to the publisher by the middle of March. How cool is that - we will have our first geography lesson and one state explored. Be prepared to learn lots of things too. I can't wait to see how you all figure out what the state is. For now, signing off - Matt


Rain-drop said...

Hi, Matt!

So nice to hear about you! I think you sound like a great kid. I would like to know you. You sound like you'd be fun to hang out with and easy to talk to.

To Ms. Elysabeth -

Fabulous job on this character bit! I really love it! He sounds like a 12 yr old kid, and like a boy, too. Fun loving and joking and casual. I really like him. :)

Can't wait for more character bios!

elysabeth said...

Glad you liked it. Be on the lookout - I'm trying to post once a week on this blog so that I can keep the momentum going.

Matt's sister is coming up soon - she's a brat and a half or so Matt thinks - anyway thanks for stopping by - E :)

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