Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wow - Two days in and what postings!!!

Ms. Elysabeth poppped over to Ms. Lea's blog to check out how the blogfest was going and there are some mighty nifty posts there. You got folks posting about adding pets to your stories and others posting about writing techniques and giving you some sound advice.

Ms. Elysabeth wasn't too awake last night when we snuck in some more background on her and our stories. So hopefully she will get lots of visitors here to check us out.

(What they don't know is I was fully aware of them exposing all and it's there for everyone to read and I had some input too - E :))

Oops, looks like we got caught a little. But we still love ya, Ms. Elysabeth and you know we want you to get us out there.

Anyway - if you get a chance to pop over to the Jungle, do so and read some fun interesting posts - leave comments too so the good, kind authors know where you are coming from.

And while you are here - don't forget to sign up for Ms. Elysabeth's montly newsletter to get more on the stories and some fun info on the states as she gets it in - maybe some events happening in your area, maybe something you didn't know about that sounds interesting and like you would want to check out - you never know what will show up. Let's all learn some geography fun stuff today - the JGDS

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SuseADoodle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE idea of stories with a mystery and a geography twist. I love to read and even children's books fill the bill -- so, I'll be anxious to get my mitts on all 50 of these!!

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