Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SC Geographic Alliance newsletter

Last year I hooked up with the SC Geographic Alliance during the SCHEA convention in Sumter. That led to Geofest in September and February. The quarterly newsletter came out today. I love finding new leads for my books. Not only does the SC Geographic Alliance provide information and resources for SC teachers and schools, but they provide other leads that help me expand. I just checked the resources listed and they have a listing of children's literature that can be used in schools, so my next project is to find out how to get listed as a resource - lol.

The biggest news pertains to the new SC Social Studies standards and that definitely helps me with my study guides and other aspects of the books.

The calendar was showing an entry for the SC Independent Schools Association on November 4. So what do I do? I explore. I find the website and explore it. It seems that November 4 is the date of the State Teacher's Conference. Guess where I'm going to try to be with my books? You guessed it - at the SCISA teacher's conference. With over 1100 teachers in attendance, I should have a pretty good turnout at my table.

Also in November it shows SEDAAG. Again, I had to explore but don't think they have exhibitors at the conference but when I can find out who to contact, I'll see. The biggest problem with this conference is that I will be in Savannah for the Savannah Children's Book Festival the days before so I would be there already but I don't know if I can afford to stay three or four extra days. Everything will be dependent on how things go at events in the next couple of months.

I also found out that Geographic Awareness week is November 13 through the 19th. I'm planning on some activities during the week with some giveaways, so stay tuned as Geography Awareness week approaches.

See you all in the postings - Ma America (Mrs. E) & the JGDS


Carol Baldwin said...

you sound mucho busy!

elysabeth said...

Carol, would we have it any other way? Whatever that saying is about idle hands/idle minds - can't be too idle when you have books out to promote - lol. See you in the postings - E :)

Diplo_Daddy said...

Geography was my favorite subject during my school years. I studied all about foreign lands far, far away, and now I'm getting the chance to visit them.

Teachinfourth said...

It's always nice to be kept busy...of course, too busy and it gets a bit crazy. It would be great if you could be one of the conference exhibitors...

elysabeth said...

Diplo_daddy - that you are - traveling to many places. My father was in the service so we had our fair share of moves with me having been born overseas and having lived in many of the states up and down the eastern seaboard for the most part. I'm ready to start traveling again but need my books to take off - which hopefully in a couple of years that will happen.

Teachinfourth - I talked to the SC Independent School Association folks today and they are going to send me an exhibitor registration form when they get everything ready (they are in the process of changing a few things and updating the website) and she also said that she would love me to do a presentation so I'm working up some ideas to do a presentation to teachers from all over the state - just need to come up with the "write" (right) program - lol - I'm sure it will all come together as it should. Thanks for stopping by my blog (wondered if you would ever get over here and visit since I found you on Mr. Hughes' blog originally). E :)

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