Friday, June 25, 2010

Family TOUCH

The name of the game is connections. In the world of such a large project as mine, the main goal the first couple of years is to make the right connections. Saturday at the SCHEA conference in Sumter, I met Jill Boone; her son is an acquaintance of Jess's at AU. Jill stopped by my table at the end of the day since I had talked to her earlier about my series. She gave me some information about getting in touch with Family TOUCH, in the upper part of the state. Yesterday, the group was doing a small, open to the public, orientation type workshop for parents who are considering homeschooling or parents who have just decided to start homeschooling. I sent them an email upon returning home (or maybe it was Monday) and they said they would love to have me there. Jill was there, Bob Jones University Press was in attendance and the Classic Conversations representative had a table set up. A few members of Family TOUCH set up tables showing the curricula they use and how they organize the work and keep records.

After a short introduction, they broke out to two sessions - preschool to 6th grade and 7th through high school aged. The social hall in the church we were using was empty save for us representing a company (basically three or four of us left in the hall). After the breakout sessions, the families in attendance came back together for a question and answer session, some refreshments and to browse the tables. I got a couple of lookers and sold one copy of Wilderness. Yay, me!! While packing up, the discussion was around my books and my series. Everyone lovs the concept and and is anxiously looking forward to more as they come available. I also explained the workshop concept I have and they were all for that. So in the fall, I will get to do my "Writing Roads" workshop for the co-op groups, maybe several depending on the number signed up for the workshop. This is my connection. Not only will it open me to one co-op but many in the area that would be willing to have me come in and do my 1-hour workshop with a bit of creative writing and one of my geography games, tying geography and writing a series together. I'm on my way - lol. I'm looking forward to getting involved in more groups like this - see you all in the postings - Mrs. E :) & the JGDS

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