Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fairplay Welcome Center 05/15/2010

I'm kind of late posting this but sometimes, better late than never. I've been swamped at work and then when I do take some time off, I'm busy doing other things and keep forgetting to update my blog.

The setup was a bit different this year but I think the exposure was good. I sat next to a lady who paints quilt designs and she was representing the Quilting group in Oconee County - I think they are trying to get a similar project started like some other states have - a driving trail of quilters. The paintings are pretty awesome. At the other end of the table was a farmer who specializes in jams - boysenberry, muscadine grape, blueberries, et cetera. The couple I tried were deliciious although I was favoring one over the other, but I can't remember which one it was - lol.

Here are the pictures from the event - no Radio appearance again but it was fun. They had some folks outside. I even think I got a couple of orders from meeting some travelers this year.

My end of the table with some visitors checking me out. The bucket on the end contains mini foam gliders. There was a bus tour that had stopped and the adults were snatching up the gliders to play with on the bus. I thought it was funny - they were getting a bigger kick out of those little treats than the kids that had stopped by my table.

The quilters' group that was next to me. The big wooden painting is the one the lady who was manning the table did and this was her first display - at the Welcome Center.

This is Amos (the manager of the Welcome Center) talking with the man who had the jams. I wish I could remember which one I really liked. I know I didn't try the muscadine one because I'm not big on grape flavored anything and definitely don't like grape jellies or jams.

This young lady was visiting with her grandmother and was so excited to be able to go to another state and she got to meet an author and an artist and she got to take some bookmarks back to her classmates and tell them she had actually met me. She was just too adorable not to take her picture.

This is the staff at the Welcome Center and I hope they will let me come back next year - lol. I think Amos is really glad to have me there and this event has been fun so far the past two years. I'm looking forward to next year's event. See you all in the postings - Mrs. E :) & the JGDS


Carol Baldwin said...

This seemed like a great opportunity for you. Definitely a way to market your books "out of the box!" Quilts and jams....I would loved both!

elysabeth said...

Carol, that's how I look at it - promotion and the more people that know about me the better I am. The quilts and jam were a new touch this year (or could have been there Friday last year and I was there on Saturday). Also outside we had an adventure place - like rafting, kayaking, et cetera and a campground really geared for the kids - I didn't get good pictures of the folks outside.

I'm hoping one of these days during National Travel and Tourism week that we actually can sell our stuff but since it's a federal right of way, it may be never but I'm okay with that - lol. I like just meeting people coming through and you never know who you will meet at one of these events (last year met my husband's aunt and uncle from Florida who were on their way to his sister's house in North Carolina to get their other daughter who had been helping his sister out a bit; I'd only met them once 15 years earlier and we knew each other by the time the words got out of our mouths - lol).

Thanks for stopping by - see you in the postings - E :)

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