Monday, March 10, 2008

Mary Beth Patterson here

My brother thinks I'm a brat, but I'm not really. I'm Matt's kid sister and you know I look up to him, literally - he's about a head taller than me and I'm just a year younger than him. I can be grown up just like him, just can't reach things like he can. But Mom says that's okay. I'll have a growth spurt soon and I could end up being taller than him one day (yeah, Dad's pretty tall - like over 6 feet and Mom, well she's not too short for a woman I guess. But I've heard that there are some short people in my family. I hope I don't get the short genes and stay short all my life.)

I can't help it my feelings get hurt easily. I don't mean to be a whiney baby but can't help that either. Sometimes he just looks at me funny and it's all I can do. But that's another story. Mom makes him take me everywhere he goes so I'm pretty much friends with the same people he is. Of course, if his best friend weren't such a doodoohead thinking that he stands a chance with Jolene then he'd see that I like him. I heard Matt tell him a few times but would never tell him myself. He thinks I'm a baby and hates having me around (or at least says he doesn't like me being around them).

I still play with my Barbie dolls but since Jolene is getting older and is involved in her dancing stuff, I don't get to play as much. I have a few friends of my own but most of the time I'm hanging with Matt and Guy and sometimes Jolene.

So what do I look like you ask? Well, I'm pretty much kid sister material I guess. I wear my long hair in pigtails most of the time because I can't stand it in my face. I don't like bangs at all and so it's pretty much up all the time. I'm the oddball in the family because I have sort of reddish hair but it's not carrot orange red or bright red like that. It's a pretty strawberry blonde. It goes good with my hazel eyes. I like wearing dresses and playing dress-up sometimes. Lacy and frilly not too much but nice looking dresses that aren't too girly. I only wear pants when I am going skating or somewhere I need to. My favorite time of the year is spring when I get to wear sandals and dresses and Easter comes along. If I can't wear sandals, I'm usually wearing my little sneakers, you know the ones by Keds or some such - the cute little tennis shoes.

I stil have some of my baby fat but I'm growing out of that. I'd like to look like Hannah Montana - lol, she's so awesome but I doubt I'll ever be that pretty.

Well I guess you know me a little bit now - better go so someone else can come by and leave their postings - bye for now - Mary Beth


Batya said...

All I can say is that you junior detective kids are lucky to have Ms. Elysabeth as your creator. I know she's incredibly dedicated to you and works so hard at polishing you up until your characters and dialogue are shining, and the stories you're involved in are in the very best shape. She puts a lot of work into you, and I hope all four of you appreciate it---even you, Jolene, still hiding in the background. I know kids sometimes take the things adults do for you for granted, and I just want to be sure you appreciate Ms. Elysabeth!

--Batya D. Wininger, creativity coach (;

elysabeth said...

Thank you Ms. Batya. We do appreciate her. We think this series is going to soar. Thanks for stopping by. The JGDS gang

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Mary Beth, I'm 50 and STILL have my baby fat. :)

Your creator has given you a brother similar to mine just that I'm the older sibling.

I can't wait to get to know you and everyone else in your story when it comes out.

Lea Schizas-author/editor

elysabeth said...

Ms. Lea,

Thank you for stopping by. Ms. Elysabeth's daughter said I was like her and Matt was like her little brother, only thing is we were switched. Her daughter is the older and I am the baby. Keep checking back. I'm sure Ms. Elysabeth will add some more. TTFN - Mary Beth P.

Anonymous said...

I like the voice in this. Nice to meet you Mary Beth!

elysabeth said...

Mr. Steve,

Thanks for coming by. My brother says I have a lot of growing up to do even though I'm just a year younger than him. He thinks I'm a big baby. I'm not really. Just am very sensitive to things and get my feelings hurt very easily.

I wonder who will show up next. I think I've had more comments than Matt has had, nananananana - lol - so guess that means I'm more special than he is - lol - oh well got to run for now - ttfn - Mary Beth P.

Vonda Skelton said...

Congratulations, Ms. Elysabeth! I'm so proud of all you're doing with these special kids. Best wishes for much success!

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