Sunday, April 8, 2012

SCASL pictures

I was pretty slack at the conference in my picture taking. As a matter of fact, I took no pictures at all. I handed my camera to Sarah when I was heading to the restroom after we had the table set up for her to take a few pictures. I really thought she would have taken a ton of pictures, but she is young and still learning the ropes - lol. This is what our booth looked like:

We were right next to Scholastic who had a double booth but ours looked pretty good sized considering we had paid for an extra table and ended up with 3 tables in our booth some how but only two were for display at the front.

Here is Sarah's end of the table:

Here is Sybil's section of the table:

And my end of the table:

The next event the SC Author Connection will be together is the SC Book Festival in May and I'm thinking if the person we just added also joins us, we will need to do the table a bit differently. I'm thinking we will do racks (I'll need to buy a couple between now and then since Sarah's third book is so thick and that way we can put two racks up and use the sides as display space for other things - bookworms, afghan samples, Sarah's tigers and t-shirts. I'm also thinking of getting some plain white clothes or sheets to use for our table cover since we all have different looks; this way we can have a bit of unity going on. See you all in the postings - Ma America - :)

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