Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pictures of afghan for drawing

(this is a small section of the afghan)

I know, Finally! lol. I had been asking my daughter to take pictures of the afghan for well over a month, since I completed it and she kept putting it off. So after asking her to take the pictures and getting no response and since I've been working on my "curl up with a good book" afghan samples and needed pictures of them as well, I took the bull by the horns and went out to the van and started taking pictures of the red, white, and blue granny square afghan as well as the mini sample afghans of the colors I'm working with. But this posting is only about pictures of the afghan for the drawing. Remember this is an ongoing, yearly event. You can purchase chances for the drawing on the JGDS website under the calendar of events tab. Each chance is only $1.50, with 5 chances for $6, 10 for $12 and 25 for $25 (best deal - you get chances for $1.00 each). Chances can be made through Thanksgiving, with the drawing occurring on December 1 and the afghan being mailed out on or around December 7 (payday unless it is a weekend, then the Friday before or Monday after). You also earn a chance for each book purchased including my YA paranormal mystery, Finally Home. Chances are not available for ebook purchases of my 99 cent stories.

(this is draped across the middle seats in the van and hangs over a little bit on each side, so you can see it is a very large afghan; this is folded in half longways)

(another small section view of the afghan)

It's very difficult to get the whole thing in when it is such a large piece. I've completed the afghan for the 2013 drawing and have an idea for the 2015 drawing, because I've started the 2014 afghan and will work on that once I've built a cache of afghans to sell at events. If you are interested in those afghans, they can be found on the JGDS website under the gifts tab. For the most part, they match the bookworms. I've added some that are solid color samples so they don't have matching bookworms since I've been doing varigated colored bookworms. These are still my best selling item at events. Stop over to the website and see what all has been added. See you all in the postings - Ma America :)

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Anonymous said...

The afghan looks very nice. Very patriotic. You've done a beautiful job on it. Whoever the winner of the drawing is in November will definitely be a lucky winner.

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.

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