Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sugarfoot festival and new banner

This weekend was the Sugarfoot festival, which in the past had been called the Honey Soppin' festival.  There were lots of vendors there this weekend and next year I intend to request a center of the street spot so I can do something differently with my setup since I have a screened tent (I keep referring to it as a screened in porch although there is no flooring; it's a simple screened tent) that opens front and back.  I had an idea after coming home tonight.  If Hailie continues to sell her bows and other hand painted or personalized items on a table, then we would need to utilize both front and back openings so she can have her side and I can have mine; this also means investing in a couple of smaller tables for displays and work areas.  Here are some pictures of my setup from both Friday and Saturday - enjoy - Mrs. E & the JGDS :)

One of my two new banners (and I have an idea for my banners at the Savannah Children's book festival so that both my banners will be visible around the park, but don't tell Benjamin)

For other images and non-JGDS related info about the Sugarfoot festival, please visit my other blog - E :)

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