Sunday, October 9, 2011

Geography Awareness week is coming

Over the next four weeks, through the 19th of November,  there will be several posts about Geography Awareness week coming.  This year, the week of November 13 through the 19th is dedicated to GA week.  I've received the same poster twice with some cool ideas about getting involved in GA week and things you can do with your family or in school with classes.  The theme this year is "The Adventure in Your Community."  What better way to get involved in your community awareness than checking out the JGDS series and learn about different states.  Community is not just your immediate town or state; it is world-wide.  Take the challenge and become more aware of the adventure in your own backyard as well as places a bit outside of your town.  Read a geography based book.  Do some activities.  Earn some badges from the National Geography Educational website.  Remember to have fun and share what you learn during this week of "Adventure in your Community."  See you all in the postings.

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