Thursday, September 2, 2010

State of Sucesses released

I ordered the proof copy of Succcesses today, late afternoon (almost 4 pm) and just received an email about 8:30 this evening saying the proof copy has shipped. Wow talk about a fast turn around. It doesn't hurt that the printers are in the same state only about 4-1/2 hours away. So provided there are no glitches and I have the proof copy Saturday morning, I can release it as available Saturday. So for all intents and purposes, State of Successes is now available - lol. And starting with this book, all orders will include the study guide in PDF format on CD.

I've also updated my website address to not be so long - so if you are following my series on its website, please be aware that the new addy is (with an http:// in front of it). You can still find me on facebook with the series having its own page as well. For teachers, schools and homeschooling co-ops interested in using the series as part of a United States Unit Study type program, I have added info about ordering multiple copies with discounts.

Heather is working on the cover for State of Nature now, so we may get ahead of schedule and end up having more books a year come out, but for now, I'm satisfied with five a year coming out. As soon as she has the cover finished, I will have a new bookmark as well, so there will be two bookmarks available soon - the first one which has the covers of the first three books (Wilderness, Quarries and Reservations) and the second one will have the covers of Successes, Heights and Nature on it. Can't wait to see that too. I'm so pleased with Heather's covers so far, anxiously awaiting to share Nature's with you all.

Stop on over to the website for more special deals - see you all in the postings - E :)

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