Monday, September 13, 2010

Native Americans, ghosts and monsters - oh my!

You may ask what all these things have in common, so I'll be happy to tell you. The Celebration of Books festival was held this weekend in Highlands, NC, at their civic center/rec center (depends on who you talk to what the building is called). Among the authors and vendors available we had Native Americans, a real ghost tracker (Micheal Rivers - author of a fiction title called "The Voyage of the Black Witch) - and a teacher who has written a story about monsters - but not in the sense that we think of monsters.

I think the crowd would have been better if folks knew we were there, but overall I think it was a good day. I did a partial workshop since there weren't too many kids there - had four young girls in with me - 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade. We only did the writing part, so I did get a little out of them.

Here are some pictures of my table. I got the letters at Dollar Tree and did the sign up the best I could. (I ordered a banner from vistaprint last week and it should be here this week hopefully, but Hailie said I should use this sign too since it turned out pretty good). When we were leaving or packing up, one of the authors said I should have won most patriotic table - lol. Since I'm all about the United States, I try to keep my theme the same - red, white and blue or flag looking or something like that.

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