Friday, March 12, 2010

What's at the end of the rainbow?

Usually a pot of gold, but in an illustrator friend's of mine drawing, the pot contains something even more valuable. If you would like to get your coloring pages for free, just pop on over to Elizabeth Dulemba's blog and sign up for her Coloring Pages Tuesdays. You can then color and send your scanned copies back to her so she can post them.

Here is the page from this past Tuesday, my colored version of it - lol - E :)

The caption at the bottom says "Find the treasure in a good book !!" So I like to be a kid every once in a while; nothing wrong with that. Enjoy


Rena said...

Cool! I still love coloring.

elysabeth said...

I do too but that's the first coloring I've done in a while. I had purchased those twist up crayons last year I think for a butterfly booklet thing I purchased at Cracker Barrel when I had dinner by myself - it was kind of a stained glass booklet where you color in the white spaces and if you hang in the light it will reflect like a stained glass. I don't know what happened to my booklet because I only colored like two or three of the butterflies in it. Anyway, when I showed my daughter the pot of gold coloring page she asked me why I colored it? It made me feel a little guilty but then I was like, "who cares what she thinks? I wanted to color it because I like rainbows (and smilies and butterflies) and that's why I colored it." That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Glad someone else likes coloring too - lol - E :)

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