Friday, March 12, 2010

Teaching the story - my first time to really teach (POV)

A couple of weeks ago, I had to miss class due to being out running errands or somethig. Mr. Hughes started the mini lesson from Carol Baldwin's "Teaching the Story" workbook we are using on POV. When I caught up with him that evening, he said he felt that the kids weren't understanding POV. So I told him I would check some things out over the weekend and come up with something to help guide the students with POV. It is difficult to do a mini lesson in such a short amount of time. I found two websites with some excellent definitions of POV for the students - Learner Org and Blue Gill. On the Learner Org site, there was a story called "A Jury of her Peers" to use when discussing POV. I had the class read about three pages of the story. I read the whole thing but didn't really feel that the POV was clear enough for them to grasp.

So I found this onlne version of The Three Little Pigs and read to the class. Then we talked about POV and did some fun rewriting of the story. So we took the writing time in class and rewrote the story from the wolf's POV in first person. The kids had a ball doing this. We shared a few beginnings and then Wednesday, shared a few more. The kids were supposed to finish their stories and post on the wikispaces pages we have for the class, but I've not checked them yet. Just haven't really had much time.

I will try to do better and update how the use of the book is going in conjunction with the writing time in class, so Ms. Carol will know where we are in the book. LOL. I think the book will work well, once Mr. Hughes gets the kinks worked out and can settle down into a routine. I know in the fall, we will probably go full force, since we will have most of the lessons down to where he needs to be teaching them, what's working and what isn't. I wouldn't mind doing a few more lessons for the class - that was fun for me. So maybe in the fall, I will get to do some. See you all in the postings.


Rena said...

Sounds like it went well.

elysabeth said...

It did and I wouldn't mind teaching some more. I'd do it a little differently - instead of breaking up the time - I'd do one class session on completing the mini lesson and then work on writing the next one. But I'm not the teacher - lol, thank goodness. I am enjoying being in the class but the times are getting crazy and so our class times are getting messed up. I hope this fall we have this down to a definite science of when i will be in class - lol.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting - E :)

Rain-drop said...

That sounds fun! I'd love to hear some ideas the kids had for wolf POVs! Ah, the joys of POV...I love switching POV, I am glad to hear the kids are learning about it. It can be very handy and fun.

elysabeth said...

Rain-Drop, I have yet to make it to the wikispaces where I asked them to post and share their stories but what they did get to share in class was pretty interesting. I may post snipits if the teacher will let me - like glimpses into what they had to say using the wolf's POV. It was actually fun for me. I'm looking forward to doing more teaching if the teacher will allow me - lol.

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