Sunday, November 15, 2009

Correction on name from SCBF dinner table/add-on info

I found Ms. Coffey's business card and her name is actually Sheron; but in an email she said that she does use the name Sheri and as you can see, her last name is Coffey not Coffee or however I had it. She is the author of the Hannah Banana book.

The illustrator we sat with was Michael P. White and he does "The Library Dragon" illustrations.

So coming back up the highway to home, I was flipping through the radio stations until I got close enough to pick up the one I usually listen to - magic 98.6 out of Greenville and now it's two weeks from the official start of the Christmas Season and all they were playing at the time was Christmas music. I wanted to scream. What's up with playing Christmas music this far out from the beginning of the Christmas season? Do they think we want to hear that music for six weeks? Last year with the marching band's theme being Christmas music - Winter Dreams was the actual theme - I was sick of hearing Christmas music by the time the official season started and this year, the radio stations have already started, not to mention the ads for layaway already but you have to love the elves shopping for "Santa but don't get their bonus checks until December" at one of the large appliance stores and the mention of layaway - the head elf loses all control of the others - and they forget they are supposed to be buying for Santa and think only of getting stuff for themselves.

As previously posted, the weekend was wonderful and the area was absolutely gorgeous. I'm hoping next year to be able to spend a little bit of time exploring and seeing the sights. Hopefully I will receive pictures from the school visit this week and will be able to post them and maybe some from the festival too - see you all in the postings - E and the JGDS - :)

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