Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SC Book festival review

Well, the JGDS made it home after a totally awesome weekend. Our creator, Ms. Elysabeth had a horror story in the making but all things considered, the weekend was a blast.

This year's book festival was definitely a big change with some kids tables and activities put on by the Richland County Library in conjunction with EdVenture based in Columbia. There were also readings done for the children by several children's authors.

Ms. Elysabeth spoke with several folks whom she has met previously and made some new friends. Click here for more details.

Hopefully next year we will either be as an exhibitor or on a panel. (If we get to be in an exhibitor's booth, we hope to be next to Red Letter Press and Ms. Karen Petit, author of the Ivy League books. You can't miss with mysteries being solved by a group of animals. Check out Ivy and her friends here for more about the books. Be on the lookout too for another mystery coming soon by Ms. Karen. We can't wait until her fifth book comes out because Ms. Karen and Ivy head to France for that one - oooh la la - Paris. That is just up our alley since we are traveling all around the United States. It would be fun to travel other places but with 50 states to cover, it is kind of hard to do. Maybe one day when the states are all done, we can travel abroad and check out some other possible "mystery destinations".

Oh yes, Ms. Minnie Dix and her friend, Dr. Beverly, were also there again and Ms. Elysabeth sat and chatted with them. Dr. Beverly's books are so beautifully illustrated; too bad we didn't have any funds to purchase anything.

As a book festival goes this is one of the best ones (so far) that Ms. Elysabeth attends. We are looking forward to being a participant in a different way at the festival next year. See you all in the postings - the JGDS

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