Sunday, February 5, 2012


I've not posted here in a while so thought I'd let everyone know we are still alive and doing well. More state stories coming soon.

The red, white and blue afghan is almost completed (two rows are actually sewn together, four left to go plus the border). I have taken some pictures but haven't had a chance to post them yet.

I have to have it completed by the 17th since my first event is the 18th and I hope to do well at the Geofest, especially since I can now take credit cards at my events.

Not much going on with book sales so far (and that's all around - Ma America's short stories and YA novel or any of the JGDS series). Hopefully this will pick up soon.

More when there is news to post or at least the pictures of the afghan. Don't forget to check out the events page on the JGDS website for ways to purchase your chances for the drawing for the afghan. See you all in the postings - Ma America & the JGDS

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