Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looking for the perfect job - a tour with Dilly


As adults, we all have had many jobs in our lives. Most young adults start working around the time they start driving. Children don't really have to worry about jobs. Their occupation is limited to being a student. That in and of itself is a tremendous job.

What would you do if you really wanted something and you needed a way to get it? In A New Job For Dilly, we find Dilly, the rat in a predicament of loving pickles and not able to obtain them without "stealing" and we all know stealing is wrong. Dilly goes in search of the perfect job by going through the alphabet. He finds the perfect job, so all will end well.

So if you love something and want it bad enough, how about trying out a job to fit your needs.

Don't forget the contest for a signed copy of A New Job For Dilly by leaving comments on at least four of the seven blogs for an entry in the drawing.


Rena Jones said...

Thanks for hosting the tour today, Elysabeth!

Not only did I want Dilly to find a job so he didn't have to steal, but I wanted to introduce kids to a variety of jobs they might not have heard of.

In addition, the job Dilly finally decided on is often overlooked or thought of as unpleasant. I hope kids will realize that there is a perfect job for everyone, even a little rat who loves pickles.

elysabeth said...

I have to agree - there is a job for everyone. I thought it very clever how you worked Dilly's job into the story. (I do remember you telling me the ending but I had forgotten until I read your story.) Good luck everyone - hope to see lots of postings here - E :)

Mandy said...

I love when stories have life lessons and cleaver endings! : )

elysabeth said...

Mandja, I haven't seen the illustrated version of the story but the story is very cute and I think kids of all ages will enjoy it. I can't wait to see an illustrated copy of the book.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you follow the complete tour as there seem to be some interesting stops along the way - E :)

Deb Logan said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing Dilly's dilemma.

Mr. Hughes said...

Thanks for providing a look at these neat books for kids. As a teacher I love when books can connect to kids in a character building way! Keep up the great work!

Beth Bence Reinke said...

Loved this interview, Elysabeth.

I've had fun reading my copy of A New Job for Dilly and will look forward to more Dilly books coming out in the future. :o)

Michelle D. Argyle said...

I LOVE this tour your are doing, Rena. What a great idea! And different subjects on each one. Genius. :D

Working instead of stealing is also good. Haha. :D

Rena Jones said...

Thanks for your replies, everyone.

LOL Michelle -- yeah, working for what you want usually works out better than stealing. Dilly is a wild rat and wouldn't do well behind bars. ;)

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the tour. I have very creative hosts!

Dee said...

I can't wait to read this book!

elysabeth said...

You will enjoy it, Dee - and thanks for stopping by and visiting Rena and Dilly on tour. Hope you follow the rest of the tour too - E :)

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Introducing kids to different jobs is a great idea, Rena. Neat cover too. Best of luck.


Rena Jones said...

Thanks, Beverly. Lisa Oakman did a wonderful job with the illustrations. Everyone has loved how she put both our names as part of the classifieds in the paper on the cover -- so clever!

Vivian Zabel said...

I'm finally caught up visiting the book blog stops for Dilly.

Good job every stop so far. I've enjoyed each and every one.

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