Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hobknobbing with stars

Saturday, May 16th, 2009, I will get to hang with a couple of stars. I'll be at the Welcome Center promoting my books during the tail end of the National Travel & Tourism week. I will be handing out goodies, state related, of course and have some activity booklets and a few other things to hand out.

If you're traveling Northbound I-85 from Georgia, the Welcome Center is in Fair Play, South Carolina. I will be inside with a table set up and ready to receive visitors.

Which stars, you may ask, will I be hobknobbing with? Well, if you saw the movie "Radio", it seems that the real Coach Jones and the real Radio will be at the Welcome Center welcoming visitors as well. It looks to be a good weekend. There were will be some B&B's available with info and hopefully "Skin's Hot Dogs" will be there. Be sure and stop by and say hello and come get some goodies for the kids.


Mr. Hughes said...

Sounds TOTALLY Awesome! Have a good time and GOOD luck! :)

elysabeth said...

I can't wait. I hope we have lots of visitors to the center Saturday. I've posted everywhere I can think of - so we will see - E :)

Katie Hines said...

Hope you have a great time meeting these new folks!

Bill and I will, of course, be there later in the day.

elysabeth said...

Hope Radio and Coach Jones will be there when you guys show up. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone Saturday - E :)

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